The Victorian Polyamory community

About Us

Welcome to PolyVic, Melbourne’s polyamorous community!

Polyamory is the practice of honest, open, ethical multiple relationships. ‘Polyamory’ is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of relationship styles, sexual orientations and practices. Fundamentally, we affirm that the heart is capable of loving more than one person intimately and sexually. To learn more about polyamory, please visit our Resources and Glossary pages.

PolyVic has monthly socials and discussion groups and less regular events like weekends away. We offer a safe space where you can hang out with interesting people, explore issues, listen to other people’s experiences, and be yourself. You don’t have to be poly to be welcome – we invite all poly-friendly and poly-curious folk to check us out. Several of our members are monogamous and just come for the company.

Socials are a chance to hang out with interesting people, have a drink and a meal, and catch up on life, the universe and everything. Socials are usually held on the last Sunday of each month.

Discussion groups are good places to ask questions, share experiences and listen to other people’s stories in a safe structured environment. If you’re shy or an introvert they’re an excellent way to break into the community. You’re welcome to sit in the corner and just listen if you wish. Discussion groups are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.

We can also connect you to events run by others in the poly community. As an example, Poly family picnics are an opportunity for gathering with other poly parents and poly-family-friendly people, with or without kids, where people can talk about poly-family matters and enjoy each other’s company. Picnics are usually held on the second Sunday of every odd month.

If you would like to attend any poly event but are too shy to do so on your own and would like to meet up with an individual beforehand, please email us at info@polyvic.org.au and we’ll be happy to help out. We know how scary it can be turning up cold to a new group.

If you want to talk to other poly people online, you can join either the PolyVic Facebook group or the PolyOz mailing list.

For further information about PolyVic, including our social events, discussion groups and family picnics, please email info@polyvic.org.au.

If you’d like to donate to PolyVic to help cover our running costs, please email treasurer@polyvic.org.au for our bank account details.